Listen: These are the sounds of Heaven.

  • Heaven's Harmonies™ is the channeled heavenly music composed by Spiritual Master Dr. Scott Thomas Cairns.

  • Just by listening you may get the benefits of meditation without all the work! You can enjoy inner peace, stress reduction, and spiritual well-being. This music is revolutionary!

  •  Heaven's Harmonies™ and Dr. Scott's teachings are the answers you may have been searching for.

  • Scientific studies prove that the power of music and sacred sounds may promote healing and well-being


    Live Webinar Sunday March 26, 2017 Tantric Chanting & Techniques for Abundance 8pm - 9pm Eastern US time.                                                                                                                                 Only $27 

  • You will receive an e-mail 1 hour before the webinar with all the pertinent info.


FREE: Dr. Scott LIVE: March 25th South Ozone Park, Queens,  NY 3-7pm. Register here:


Dr. Scott's home base is the Dr. Scott Center at the Glenwood Life Center.

Read his new book- The Spiritual Evolution Revolution. Powerful spiritual solutions for life's challenges.

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The Heaven’s Harmonies logo is the union of the Sun and Moon: a new synergy of balance and harmony. This is the power of Inner Alchemy!