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It's all about you and your journey of success in these areas! Dr. Scott Thomas Cairns is a recognized Spiritual Master and Healer.

Universal Light Activation This is one of Dr. Scott’s unique programs for transformation and positive change. In this powerful activation process, Dr. Scott will initiate you in the Universal Light Energy. These powerful techniques for aligning with the universe and your higher purpose can help you experience inner peace and can help you to manifest the life you want. As part of this initiation, participants may feel very powerful positive energy from Dr. Scott. You'll receive the sacred sounds and powerful techniques to continue your journey even after the workshop is over!

Thurs. 8/25 7-9pm Glenwood Life Center $45 per person. Arrive 6:45pm

Read his new book- The Spiritual Evolution Revolution. Powerful spiritual solutions for life's challenges.

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Listen: These are the sounds of Heaven.

  • Heaven's Harmonies™ is the channeled heavenly music composed by Spiritual Master Dr. Scott Thomas Cairns.

  • Just by listening you may get the benefits of meditation without all the work! You can enjoy inner peace, stress reduction, and spiritual well-being. This music is revolutionary!

  •  Heaven's Harmonies™ and Dr. Scott's teachings are the answers you may have been searching for.

  • Scientific studies prove that the power of music and sacred sounds may promote healing and well-being


The Heaven’s Harmonies logo is the union of the Sun and Moon: a new synergy of balance and harmony. This is the power of Inner Alchemy!