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It's all about you and your journey of success in these areas! Dr. Scott Thomas Cairns is a recognized Spiritual Master and Healer.

September Events: Dr. Scott Live! Oct. 5 & 11, 2016

Personal Power Empowerment   Oct. 11th Wed. 7-9PM      What would it feel like- now – to have Personal Power? Reclaim Your Personal Power for a Life of Miracles, Manifestation & Magic! In this empowerment, Dr. Scott will initiate you so you may feel your inner Personal Power as something tangible and real. You will be given secret techniques to work with every day to increase your Personal Power. Personal Power is connected to Divine Power – it is our God given right to live in this power and have a life that has more ease & comfort.  St. Josaphat’s Retreat House, 1 E. Beach Dr., Glen Cove, 11452     $45 per person– kids under 17 free! Please arrive by 6:45pm please.

Kundalini Shakti Empowerment. Saturday Empowerment       TBA 10AM - 2PM    Kundalini Shakti is the Energy of Life & the Power of the Universe. For the vast majority of people- this energy is dormant at the base of the spine - in this Empowerment Dr. Scott helps you to bring this incredible power to life! People can experience great miracles in all areas of life when their Kundalini Shakti energy is awakened. As a recognized spiritual master- Dr. Scott is empowered to do this work to help people and the planet. Get your mojo working with this Kundalini Shakti Empowerment!  $79 per person. All Participants must be 18 years old and over. Arrive by 9:45am please.

The 13 Planets Empowerment —The Formula for Success & Power:  A Night of Chanting & Music             Oct. 5th Wed. 7-9PM
The Planets control our destiny. If you want an outrageous life/a new destiny/a new life - you must master the planetary energies. Dr. Scott has created a unique 13 planet system for success & power. Dr. Scott will be doing auric healing on all participants. This empowerment gets these planetary energies working for you. Dr. Scott’s Heaven’s Harmonies™ music has the secret harmonies for aligning with the planets & the Universe. All’s you have to do is listen. Note that some recorded music will be used at this event. Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat and/or blankets & pillows as you will be lying down on the floor for this empowerment.  $45 per person– kids under 17 & under free! Arrive by 6:45pm please.


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Listen: These are the sounds of Heaven.

  • Heaven's Harmonies™ is the channeled heavenly music composed by Spiritual Master Dr. Scott Thomas Cairns.

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