Q: What happens in a typical session?

A: Dr. Scott takes on any negative energies of clients & others. As a result, many experience change with minimal discomfort and/or concern. Typically, a one hour session will start with a conversation. Then, Dr. Scott will do a reading & prescribe a regimen to follow. There will also be a guided meditation and, at times, chanting.  Dr. Scott guides you so you can receive the benefits quickly & easily. Many will find the session to be light-hearted and a deeply relaxing, positive experience. Many people have also reported leaving with a renewed feeling of well-being and peace. 

Q: Why is it important to get rid of negative energies as soon as possible- won’t negative energies exhaust themselves eventually?

A: Yes, eventually but that may take decades or several life times! Stop waiting! Without taking an active role in destroying negative energies, they will make our lives miserable for a long time. Sometimes we may be caught in a negative situation for years. We should never accept this for ourselves. We want the change now. We all deserve optimum health, abundance, loving relationships and to be empowered in anything and everything we do. Negative energies, by their nature, interfere and stop all the positive things from coming into our lives. The process Dr. Scott teaches and imparts is about becoming your own best friend and to stop being your own worst enemy.

I have helped many people who have been to many other practioners and have not had results.

Cairns Consulting has helped people:
• change their finances
• successfully start new careers & businesses
• experience healing
• experience successful relationships
• experience personal empowerment
• deepen their spiritual practice



“We must change our lives so we can have Miracles, Transformation, Transcendence, & Tranquility. We live in a dualistic world, a world of both positive and negative energies. By taking responsibility for our negative energy, only then can we transform it into positive energy for the highest good of all. Only then can we move beyond duality into oneness and living a holistic life. Moreover, we must transcend our ordinary everyday consciousness and be able to tap into Divine consciousness. Whether negative energies are coming from an internal source or from an external source, I have helped many people transform and transcend their difficult situations. People, places, and objects hold and, sometimes even attract, negative energy. When our energies are transformed then we can experience miracles. Many of the people who have worked with me have experienced Miracles, Transformation, Transcendence, & Tranquility.”  ~ Dr. Scott