Are Sacred Sounds life-changing for you? Dr. Scott's unique sounds of multi-tone chanting has helped many people experience the Divine energy and power of Sacred Sounds.

For thousands of years, people have used Sacred Sounds to invoke the Divine. It's easy - here's how!

1] Find a quiet, private place where you can chant and you won't be disturbed.
2] Chant a Sacred Sound (or sounds) in multiples of 9.
3] Imagine the Sacred Sound entering your Mind, Body, & Soul.
4] The object is to keep the Sacred Sound going - this may help in avoiding the cycle of negative thoughts.


Why? As I tell everyone who has attended a session or workshop:

 "We must end the cycle of  negative thoughts that lead to negative emotions which leads to actions. In turn, this leads to more negative thoughts, more negative emotions and more negative actions. Then you are caught in the trap. Using Sacred Sounds you may change your thoughts, feelings and actions to positive ones. For centuries these ancient Sacred Sounds have helped people cultivate peace of mind."

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